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Janette in 2007

Janette is an amazing girl!  She was born the biggest baby among the 3 - at 3.8kg through emergency c-section, but she is the smallest size of the 3 now!  HOWEVER, she does eat a lot and we really wander where did all the food she had eaten went to???

Janette had grown so much without us noticing, not the size of course... but it's the way she thinks, the way she behaves & the stuff she says!!!  Oh boy, to think that I was so worried when Janelle was so good at navigating the mouse & pc when she was only 4, but now Janette had already surpass her elder sister at age 3!!!  Hmmm... I wander if I should just throw away the pc so that Janesse will stay away from it???

Janette is a really sweet little girl who never fail to tell/show me every day that she loves me - day, night & in her sleep too...  I like to disturb her by shutting my mouth tied when she tries to kiss me each time, and she never fails to make me laugh and get her daily "dosages" of mummy's kisses...  Ah.... so sweet.... how I wish she is forever so sweet & cling tied to me & don't grow up!!!  Tsk, tsk, tsk, what a selfish mummy I am...  but really can't help it...

Stay sweet forever, mummy's "Little" Queen...  Don't lose that innocent smile of yours...