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Janesse in 2007

Dear baby Janesse,

Although you are the youngest, but mummy can assure that you are one who had given mummy a lot of "First Hand" experiences, here are some "samples" ...

1. You are the only one that mummy had experienced severe pain during birth & I'll never forget that pain cos it was really scary!!!  Mummy was just sooooo glad that you will be the last baby and I do not have to go through that physical pain again!  Phew!!!...

2. You are the only one whom mummy had spent the first 3 months as the main caregiver & it had allowed me to experience what is bonding between a mum & her new born baby... Guess that why you are so sticky to me!!!  Oh gosh...

3.  When you were hospitalised in May, mummy had never felt so scared in my life before!!!  For many nights I did not dare to sleep for fear that mummy will lose you as you were still so small then!  Every time I heard you crying & screaming when the nurses had to insert & re-insert the drip needles, I really had that strong urge to tear down the door that separated us, and kick & punched the nurses & doctors then!  I could not described my gratitude & emotions then when the doctors had finally managed to run the procedure successfully after sooooo... many tries, and avoided the then "unavoidable" operation instead!  Mummy will always remember those days & nights spent in the hospital with you, and I pray this will the first & last of such incident!  Mummy can really feel your pain back then, oh yes I really can...

4. You are also the only baby whom mummy gets to "watch" you grow up EVERY DAY cos Janelle & Janette spent most of their earlier childhood at grandma's place during weekdays!  What an experience this is!  You made mummy realised how silly it is of me to miss your sisters growing up stages.

Mummy is very sure you will continue to bring more "First Hand" experiences to me, just like your elder sisters who bring me different kind of joy & happiness just to watch the 3 of you grow up...  Oh yeah, facing you gals 24/7 is a really great challenge, but I promise all of you, mummy will not be the "Weekend Mummy" again... NEVER!!!

Love forever,



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