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Daddy & Mummy's 狂想曲

How do you tell when Daddy & Mummy are getting out-of-hand....

Case 1
Mummy to Daddy : You need to buy me 2 more Gucci handbags, 2 more of LV, 2 more of Burberry & 2 more of Coach...

Daddy : Why???

Mummy : Cos we've 3 daughters, I need to ensure I'm being fair... since we are on that, I also need 2 more diamond earrings, 2 more diamond necklaces, 2 more Omega watches, 1 more diamond ring etc etc etc....... (the list goes on & on)...

Daddy : Hmmm... if that's the case, I'll need to get 2 more Rolex watches now & keep them for my future son-in-laws!

Mummy : Great!!!  Good idea... But we must make sure the son-in-laws sign pre-nup to return the watches in the event of divorce!  This is ensure the watches remain in the family!!!

Case 2
Janelle & Janette's classmates have the same name, Joshua (different boy of course)...  So here goes the story :-

Janette to Janelle : I'll tell my Joshua tomorrow (on a forgotten topic)...

Janelle to Janette : I'll tell my Joshua tomorrow too....

Daddy to the girls : So, is Joshua your boyfriends???

Janelle & Janette : Noooooo...

Daddy : Next time you must make sure one of your boyfriend's name is Joshua, so can continue the line with "J-whatever" name"..

Mummy : Hey, can we have a "Jordon" for son-in-law??? (Note: We had selected this name in case we have a boy)

Daddy : Hmmm... then must make sure the name starts with "Jo----", and only with 6 alphabets. (Note: Our children names selection criteria : Girls must have 7 alphabets & start with "Ja"; Boys must have 6 alphabets & start with "Jo")

Mummy : Yeah, that's great!  We must make a list... Joshua, Jordon, Joseph etc etc....



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Jun. 12th, 2009 01:11 pm (UTC)
Dear jasongsn,

Thanks very much for your interesting blog. It's always nice to see how people on the other side of the globe live, how they share the same joys and sorrows, what they do in their free time, etc.

I actually have a question about your blog. Would you mind helping us with a linguistic research project? We're compiling data from various Singaporean weblogs. All it requires is checking a few boxes. If you want to take part and/or have more questions, drop me a note ( hack2301@uni-trier.de RE: Question ) so that I can then send you the 'official' project eMail. We'd really appreciate your help.

Thanks very much in advance!
Best regards,
- Fran
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