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Janelle, the Sleeping Beauty

Janelle, the Sleeping Beauty
Janelle, the Sleeping Beauty

Why does Daddy love Janelle so much? Look closely at the card she is holding... This is the very first card she made on her own!  Wow... I also want..... sob... sob...


Missing In Actions.....

Wow wow wow.... I've been missing in action for such a long long time.... 
It's been almost 4 months since my last entry!!!

Well, let's see.... Janesse was hospitalised for almost a week in May & nearly had to have an operations!  That was the longest week I ever had and it also triggered me to have deep thoughts on what I really want to do and put my long-term planning into action....  What's the plan, you asked?  That's for me to know and you'll find out eventually...

We had also started to bring the 2 elder sisters home on every evening on weekdays since May and it was a great move cos they are closer to us over the time...  We'll fetch them from my mum's place after work in the evenings, bring them home to Woodlands, spend some time with them before they sleep.  Every morning, we'll then bring them to my mum's place in Seng Kang.  It was tiring but very fulfilling....  Only negative part was we could not bring baby Janesse home too as she was too small and we do not want to disrupt her sleep.  The family could only be together on weekends so we cherished the time we have together.

Janelle also started to have spelling since Jul, and I had prepared these spelling words into spelling cards with pictures that associated to the words.  It was very effective and inspired some fun while learning the words.  Janelle brought these cards with her wherever she goes and we go through them before bedtimes, in the car, playtime etc.  I must say I'm pretty impressed cos she managed to get all the words correct and I only went through the spelling words very briefly with her, some of them she learnt them herself too!  Well done Janelle, mummy is so proud of you!

Lastly, we've finally moved to a new place near my mum's place in Aug!!! Yippeee.... The new place is about 10min walk from mum's place and mummy will come over on weekday mornings and spend the time with my children in our own place!  Wow, after almost 5 years, hubby & myself are finally with our kids on weekdays in our house!  We are so excited and thrilled!!!  It was a big change of lifestyle for both of us as we used to enjoy so much freedom on weekdays when the kids are with mum.  We are still adjusting but this change is for the good so we'll be fine.  We look forward to go home everyday to the children and see their happy faces even when we are just at the door.  Life is good for now....


Parent-Teachers Meeting

Now, this sound a little stressing huh??? I was not in the first place, but after the meetings, I am now...

First, we met with Janette's 3 teachers.  They were really nice and surprisingly they commented Janette was a quiet girl in class!  Oh boy, what a joke!  No, seriously, Janette is definitely the devil at home!!!  But no one believe us cos she is always the sweet little girl in outsiders' eyes!  She is always so well-behaved, so soft-spoken, so "shy" when outsider is around!  What I can say?  This girl is definitely my daughter!

We also met with Janelle's form teacher & chinese teacher.  Both were very good teachers cos what they are helping to prepare my daughter for K2 & P1 expectation.  I must applause them for their effort!  I must confess I was such a lousy mum that when Janelle told me her teacher gave her homework, I did not believe her in the first place!  It never occurred to me there would be homework for K1 children!  She got to rush the homework out only hours before going to school!  Janelle, please forgive mummy....

Now, you must be wandering where does the stress come into picture here.... Well, you see, hubby & myself never revise schoolwork with the girls at home... Definitely not this year!  We did not really get Janelle to practise her writings or what she had learnt in school!  We always thought she is still young, let her have fun in childhood, don't stress her yet.... We have tons of so-called assessment for Nursery level meant for Janelle last year, but we hardly get her to do them at all!  So these books will now be passed on to Janette, or even Janesse later!

After meeting the teachers, we realise how much we have to catch up with her and how much we have to guide her!  So, on Sunday evening, hubby & myself drop by at the Popular Bookstore and try to pick up some books for Janelle and guess what we found???  There are 8 shelves, with 4 rows each, of books dedicated for Pre-school children!  There are at least 200 kinds of books, how on earth does a parent know which is good for the child???  After browsing through these 8 shelves, we then found another section with a table full of at least another 30 kind of books for Pre-school children!!!

I flipped through 1 of the Grammar assessment book meant for children of ages 5-8 years and you know what is on 1st chapter?  Proper nouns and Improper nouns!  Do you know what exactly are proper & improper nouns??? I certainly don't!  Of course I know what is a noun but differentiating proper & improper nouns???? I though I only learnt them in P2???  There are also books on vacabulary, grammar, maths, english, science, comprehension, composition, different books of learning chinese etc etc etc etc......

Can you believe a 5 year old have to learn all these!!!! Urgh..... I'm stressed now!!!!  I'm so sorry, Janelle...


My little princess is growing up!

Janelle is in Kindergarten 1 this year and the things she did or say always surprises us!  I can't help but feel my little princess is growing up so fast, and I am a little worried if she's growing up too fast!

She is attending computer lessons in school and I am so amazed at the way she navigate the mouse and the ability to find the webpages she wants without our help at all!  I had saved the webpage links in the "Favorites" folder in the IE, she knows exactly how and where to look for the link all by herself!  I guess she got fedup waiting for me or her daddy to help her, she decided to find out herself!  I'm wandering should I be impressed or be worried!!!

She has been attending Speech & Drama classes since her Nursery year so I must say her teachers teaches her very well cos she's definitely a drama princess and she can express her thoughts very very well and many times caught us off-gaurded.... here's an example.

Hubby, the 2 elder sisters & myself were out shopping at a supermarket.  The girls got tired sitting in the trolley so they requested to walk with us instead.  Children being children, they got restless after a while, so soon both sisters started running about, jumping here & there till I'm really fedup!  I repeatedly raised my voice at both girls warning them to behave themselves.  Naturally, my warnings were pointless till I finaly lost my patience and I issued my last warning more louder...

Me : JANELLE HO & JANETTE HO!  You better stand still or we are going home immediately!

Now, this was quite effective cos both girls came to my side and stand still.... but Janelle was not finished yet...

Janelle : Mummy, please don't be angry & shout shout shout, I just love you.... (and she gave me this irritated look as if I'm the one not behaving myself! Oh boy...)

Now, try to imagine yourself in my shoes, could you still keep a straight face and still be angry???  My hubby couldn't, he burst out laughing and nearly applaused for Janelle!


My girls....

Some pictures to share.... I did a little editing to the pictures with my new Nokia N73 phone... cool huh???

Wanted!!! They are mine!!!
Wanted!!! They are mine!!!
Need me to say more???

Princess, Queen & Boss
Princess, Queen & Boss
What better words to describe them????


April 2007

Hmmm... Well, I'm late again!!! Eh... isn't there a saying - "Better late than none" (something like that)???

April was a special month for me, cos it's the month of my birthday (what else)!!!  It was also the month Janesse turned 6 months old!!!  She is sooooooo sweet, soooooo fat, soooooo adorable and soooooo difficult to please!!!

The down side was it was also the month the girls were sick with cough, flu, running nose, fever.... etc etc etc.... It was a challenge cos there were so much work in offce with the new responsibilties and having to rush back mum's place to take care of kids after work!  It was soooo fun I hope it never happens again!  Just this once please...

I know when I decided to go back to work, I made a promise to have a better work-life balance... well, again, people who know me will laugh at my face cos they know what a workaholic I am!  Yup, yup, yup, I've been working late again, very very late this time... start work at 8.30am and leaving office at about 11pm!!!  Sigh, I'm trying very hard to break this but I'm still having major problem dealing with this... I'll keep trying...  Must do something before I burn out again!

Here's a picture of my family, taken during the mini celebration of my birthday... Hubby had wanted to bring me out to celebrate, just the 2 of us... But the girls were sick, so it will be postponed... so will my birthday present from hubby... he said... smart of him right???!!! 

Mummy's BD
Mummy's BD

Yupz, it's my birthday! I'm 1 year older now.... but who cares???!!! No one's counting... I hope!


March 2007

Wow... wow... wow... April is almost over & I've not done my March journal entry!!!! I'm sooooo.... behind time!!!

Anyway, March is a month of great emotional ups & downs, I really do not know how to put my thoughts & feelings into writing...
I've drafted & redrafted my entries but ended up deleting them instead! I'm so mixed with happiness, anger, sorrow & joy in the short 31 days of March...  These are feelings for myself, my family, at work as well as feelings for friends too...

People who knows me will remember I'm always a happy person, seldom see me in bad moods for a long time... well, best to keep it that way then... Just remember I'm a happy mummy with 3 lovely girls (aka monsters sometimes)l!!!


Our perception of beauty distorted?

Dove video about how our perception of beauty is distorted

This spoof was done by the folks from Campaign against real life, who say 
""Thank God our perception of beauty is distorted". Funny site.


Check this out... they are really good!


February 2007

February, February... I only have 2 words to describe how I feel for the month - IT'S TIRING!!!!
It was a short month, but a month full of surprises, events, laughter, new friends blah blah blah...

On family : It was the Chinese New Year holidays so there were the mad rush to buy new clothings & shoes, visitings with family & relatives, lots of goodies to eat (also lots of weight to lose later).  The 2 elder sisters were sick too - fever, cough & flu (the usuals). I guess baby was the only one not affected by the surroundings, she sleeps/eats/plays as and when she likes.  We were so worried the elder sisters will pass the flu/cough to her but she was ok (phew!).

I always like to ask my 2 elder girls what are they to mummy, so one day they gave me this answer...
Janelle (eldest sister) = mummy's Princess
Janette (2nd sister) = mummy's Queen
Janesse (baby) = our Boss

So I asked hubby what is he.  His reply?  He's the "President" of the family. (big name huh!)
Then what about me???  Well, what can I say, I'm their slave (since I've to "serve" them all!!!)

On work : Since I just got back to work after a long break, I'm still very energetic & very fresh & very very "on the ball" with the job.  There are new friends, new environment, new stuff to learn, old habits to kick etc etc... In general, I felt great back to work!  My girl friend who was a SAHM asked me why am I so happy to get back to work?  My answer?  Hehehe... I have very valid reasons now to buy new clothes, new bag, new shoes.... (and the list goes on & on)